We have all been there - find a supplier who is great at the start and then stay with them forever. Why? You just don’t have time to constantly source new suppliers and anyway, it’s better the devil you know. Right? 

Wrong! Regardless of your company's size, you deserve top-quality treatment from your suppliers. If they have been providing you with workwear that fluctuates in quality, price, and customer service, then it may be time to look elsewhere. 

When sourcing and providing workwear for your staff, you need to choose garments that are smart, professional and built to last. Your staff are the face of your business and what they wear represents your company brand. 

Why do we provide workwear? It has been proven that having a dress code or uniform in place helps your employees work better as a team and boost morale, safety, and productivity. 

But that doesn’t happen by magic. You need a workwear supplier who provides you with high-quality uniforms at reasonable prices and with excellent service. 

So, what are the signs you need to change your workwear supplier? 

1. Communication - hello, anyone there?

Communication is the key to a great working relationship. Sounds like a cliche, doesn't it? It is a little, but strong communication is vital to ensure that your workwear is completely fit for purpose. 

The industry moves so quickly that just purchasing the same T-Shirt you have done for the last six years may not be the most cost-effective solution for you.  Any supplier worth their salt will welcome frequent communication from their customers. They should be quick to respond to questions and concerns, and they’ll gladly make changes to an order to meet your needs. 

Has your supplier made to feel like an interruption? Is it difficult to get in touch with a live person? Are your messages going into a black hole? That should raise a red flag.

2. Timeframes - where is my stuff?

Ok, so not every supplier is going to be as efficient as Amazon, but it is always helpful to know when your workwear is arriving, so you can plan your distribution. 

Many suppliers are cutting corners to try and save money. This can mean late deliveries, inconsistent product quality, or poor packaging. A supplier that can’t provide reliable delivery is a significant problem that needs to be fixed—for good.

Even the most reliable suppliers will have an occasional hiccup. But if you’re noticing a trend in the wrong direction, you’ll have to deal with bigger issues than tight project schedules. An unreliable supplier has implications for the overall health and growth of your business.

3. Rising costs - how much?

Every supplier will raise their costs over time, that’s part of doing business, and you shouldn’t be surprised when it happens. But you don’t want to do business with a supplier who raises their prices exorbitantly, without notice. 

Good suppliers simply don’t do this —they make it a priority to prepare their customers for necessary price increases, well ahead of time and where they can offer an alternative product. 

Sudden unexpected price increases place you in a difficult position, especially if you have a big project coming up that you need a lot of workwear for. 

Also pay attention to frequent, small price rate increases that aren’t communicated. Maybe a new shipping cost, an additional handling fee or a logo set up that you have already paid for. 

All these can creep up and before you know it, you are paying double what you should be. If your suppliers' pricing practices aren’t giving you the respect your business deserves, it might be time to start comparing against others. 

4. Poor Service - I’m sorry!

If a supplier is serious about doing business with you, you’ll see it in their service. So what should you look for? That’s easy; attention to detail, high response time, correct invoicing and a great big smile. 

You should enjoy working with your workwear supplier and the process should be easy whether you are ordering one garment or a thousand. High-quality service is critical to an ongoing business relationship.

If you are finding more and more mistakes, indifference and general laziness, then it is time to look elsewhere. These issues create a waste of resources by pulling you away from own job.

Work with Suppliers who want to work with you!

It’s not rocket science really, when it comes to workwear suppliers, you need to find one that wants to work with you, takes pride in your relationship and delivers. Your company deserves a supplier who will treat your business as if it was their own. who will do the job and discloses the truth about their capabilities. 

Switching workwear suppliers comes with a cost and degree of risk—but remember that staying with the wrong supplier is also costly and carries risks of its own. Don’t settle for anything less than the supplier who earns and deserve your trust.

At Workwear City we’re committed to doing the job right—and we want to prove it to you. Give us a call and we will happily have a virtual cup of tea with you and discuss how we can make procuring your company’s uniform simple, cost-effective and most importantly representative of the quality of your company’s brand.